BUCHAREST The young est Capital

City Description

Bucharest is beatifull!! This are the first word you can said when visit Bucharest. 
The city in the last 10 years, is living a second youth, thanks at strangers economic investments,  Bucharest is rennovating, and the standart of living has grown.
When you cross the boulevard of the city, or you walk in the old historic center you feel a positive and vibrant energy.
You can feel that the city is moving, the city is live. 

The old historic center of Bucharest named Lipscani District is the night life district. In center you can find a lot of Restaurante,  Cafè, Pub, Sexy Nigh, and of course the Shaorma Shop. 
The name Lipscani District, came from the Liscani Street one of the major street in the district. 
From evening, Lipscani District is full of tourist from every place of the world. It's magnific walk in the street and listen different language. Outside the cafe and restaurant a kindle girls invite you to eat somethings inside. 
Bucharest became a very important tourist destination, tanks: Many low cost airlines (Blue Air, Wizz Air, Raynair), food and drinks cheap, and a good turistic industry. 
English is the second language, all young people speack english. 

One of the must see of Bucharest is People's Palace - Casa Poporului, is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon. It took 20,000 workers and 700 architects to build. The palace boasts 12 stories, 1,100 rooms, a 328-ft-long lobby and four underground levels, including an enormous nuclear bunker. 
Casa Poporului was built by Communist Party leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, actually is the Parlament Palace. 
Inside the Casa Populuri there is a very interesting museum of Contemporany Art. 
Another place to visiti is il MUSEO DEL VILLAGGIO The park is easy to reach by taxi. 
The Historical Museum of Bucharest is rich in historical artifacts, and inside you can admire the Traiano's Column. 

For shopping addicted in Bucharest you can spend a lot of Lei ( the currency in Romania) in many Mall. The Mall, are evelin distribuited in the city, the biggest are : Baneasa Shopping Mall (near Baneasa Airport), Affi Mall, Mega Mall. Inside the Mall there are many ethinc restaurant, and during your shopping you can have a good break. 

Moving in Bucharest is easy and cheap, the city is linked by Metro, and the cost of tickect are very low. The taxi are cheap enought, but pay attention at the fare charge. 
Bucharest is a city for everyone, family, couples, singles, groups. In every sesason Bucharest can offer you a very amazing holiday. It's raccomanded for week end also. 

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