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All people that are visited Istanbul they are shocked by the charming beauty. Instanbul is one on the most visited city in the world. Pay attention if you are searching of exoticism and Orientalis your are in the wrong place. Istanbul is an immense metropolis chaotic and populous, it's one of the biggest city in the world. In Istanbul lived about 14 Million people. But Istanbul have a plus: His millenary history, the city change 3 times the name during his history: Bisanzio, was founded by Greek in the IV sec. B.C.
Constantinopoli when became new capital of Roman Empire in 330 AD and now Istanbul, ufficial name adopted by the Turkish Republic in 1930.
Istanbul was the capital of power e big Empires:

Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and Ottoman Empire.
Is the only city in thy world that is in two different continents: Europa and Asia. Is crossed by Bosphorus strait, that is 31 Km long.
Every single stone you trample on is full of millenary history, starting of the his unique monuments in the world. The landscape of Gold Horn, is UNESCO World Heritage.
The events that took place , from the smallest to the most important , have influenced in some way the rest of the world.

When you visit Istanbul you have the sensation that are coming at home, stay in the city also for few days is an amazing experience.

The Old Istanbul

The metropolitan agglomeration of Istanbul includes 39 Boroughs, 600 districts and over 70.000 streets.

The old Constantinopoli ( the Old Istanbul ) is located in the Fethi Boroughs. This place start from the the old and majestic Teodosiane walls and reach the Serraglio Toe the end of Topkapi palace where there was the house of Sultan ottomans.

The area is characterized of seven hills like the seven hills of Roma, we suggest to cross all this area, at every intersection or at every angle and in any seasons you can find always pleasant surprises: a Byzantine millenary church transformed in mosque, the typical market, many cultural appointment.

Geographically the area is a peninsula limited from a side of Marmara Sea and of the other side of a 7 Km bay, that is called Gold Horn.
All the peninsula in 1985 was declared World Heritage.


Galata Bridge.

The Golden Horn is linked by the Galata Bridge at the Beyo─člu District. An interesting walking along the street of Karaköy, this zone was the financial and business heart of the Ottoman Empire, continuing to climb up Galata Tower or Christ Tower: it's a defence tower used for spot enemies during the colonial settlement of the Genoese. In fact, the streets of Galata remember “i carruggi” (the narrow alleys) of Genoa with the characteristic narrow alleys and shady.

From here you reach Istiklal Caddesi, is the main road in Istanbul: shops, restaurant, cafe; Christian, Armenia, Orthodox, Church, Synagogues and Mosques. Many buildings in style Art Nouveau, Neoghotic, and Neoclassic.

The Main street is about 1,5 Km long and every day is frequented of over 3 million of people that came from all the world.
Crossing the Cihangir district is charming, there are many different antique shops until you reach the sea and you are arrived at the Dolmabahce Palace, it's the home of the last Ottoman Sultans.
If you think to know what is luxe, after the visit of palace you change your idea.

Asian Side of Istanbul

Istanbul is the unique city in world that have is area in 2 different continent: Europa and Asia.
His extraordinary geographic position made this place the natural intersection of culture and different peoples; Kadiköy district, the old Calcidonia funded before Bisanzio and after Constantinopoli has the characteristic of being a neighborhood youth and dynamic. In this district you can find high level restaurant, typical market. We suggest this district to taste the good restaurant experience.

Uskudar district is important for the old Imperial Mosques, here you can walk along the strait, and you can see the european side of Istanbul. Walking by amazing palace of Ottoman era, and a district that are like a small fisherman village. 

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